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KCS Middle School

KCS Middle School

middle SCHOOL

KCS Middle School includes students from Grade 6 to Grade 8.  

At KCS, we want students to be transformed as they serve God and serve their community. “Teaching for Transformation” includes:

  • An invitation for students to understand their role in their community as an artist, storyteller, justice seeker, community builder, servant leader, creation caretaker, and discoverer 

  • Building on “big ideas” throughout curriculum that connect to God’s Story

  • Authentic, relevant practice in serving others within their role 


Examples of transformational learning in the Middle School program are:

  • Students in Grade 6 practice being community builders by making cookies and donating clothing items to the Mustard Seed Outreach Centre

  • All Middle School students practice being justice seekers and community builders during Market Day by creating a business plan, developing and selling a product, and donating the proceeds to Treasures of God Children’s Home in Guatemala

  • Students in Community Service Explore practice being servant leaders by volunteering at the Food Bank and encouraging staff at KCS with cards or snacks 

  • Students in Leadership Explore practice being servant leaders by planning school events and leading chapels

We Learn through Curiosity

Middle School students need opportunities to try out new skills and to discover new areas of interest and natural ability. During weekly Explore blocks, students choose to focus each term on their choice of woodworking, robotics, textiles, foods, leadership, worship, community service, and guitar/composition.  Each of these classes helps students to develop their leadership skills or applied design skills. Students also have the option of choosing to learn band (introductory band or continuing band), choir, ukulele, or visual arts during Arts blocks.   

Each year the Middle School dives into project based learning for a term.  Project based learning incorporates a challenging problem or question, sustained inquiry, authenticity, student voice and choice, reflection, critique and revision, and a public product. Through project based learning, KCS Middle School students have the opportunity to decide how to serve others in an authentic, relevant way. 


We Grow in Character

Middle School students are in the developmental stage of exploring who they are as individuals.  We purposefully lean into these years of change by providing students with “Anchor” blocks to explore topics that students need continued mentorship and guidance in as they mature. Topics such as vaping, drug and alcohol abuse, on-line safety, cyberbullying, sexual health, and mental health are openly discussed so that students can ask questions, learn about community resources, and understand how to be proactive in protecting themselves and others. Topics are always explored within the context of God’s love and grace towards all people.  

The Middle School program is intentionally set up so that students have frequent opportunities to work with other Middle School students at different grade levels.  Middle School events such as a Christmas potluck help students to connect with each other and to practice inclusion. Practicing compassion, empathy, and forgiveness are key elements of character-building as students work and learn together. Daily classroom devotions and weekly chapels help students develop spiritually by recognizing how they are loved by God as His child.  


We PractiSe Courage

We can only learn through practice and through making mistakes; at KCS, we help students to build perseverance and risk-taking skills.  Middle School students build courage by learning how to apply foundational skills (in literacy and numeracy) to understand current issues within their community. Students are guided and coached by their teachers to become aware of their own academic growth and to reflect on ways that they can improve their skills.  

Students also build courage through developing their personal and social core competencies. We expect students to grow their leadership abilities through athletics (extra-curricular teams), chapel (worship teams, drama team, leadership team), and through collaboration with their peers. We expect students to practise leaning into difficult topics by sharing their perspectives and by being open to hearing others’ experiences and stories.    



  • Woodworking

  • Textiles

  • Foods

  • Leadership

  • Worship Team

  • Robotics

  • Community Service


  • Ukulele

  • Choir

  • Musical Theatre

  • Visual Arts

  • Song Writing

  • Video Editing


  • Online Safety

  • Cyberbullying

  • Time Management

  • Mental Health

  • Vaping

  • Addiction

  • Sexual Health


  • Cross-Country

  • Tripleball

  • Basketball

  • Track and Field

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