KCS & the Individualized
Education Program


KCS realized that school-aged children with special learning requirements would benefit from an individualized education program (IIP), and so a collaborative relationship with Social Butterflies began. Social Butterflies is an independent Autism and Special Needs support company, renting space from the business wing of Kamloops Christian School. 


What started with 2 students as a pilot project; has increased to 17 students in just two years! This is a support program unique only to KCS, as we are an independent school and have the ability to create flexible and customized programs.


Our combined staff are dedicated to helping your child(ren) reach their full potential. Children in Kindergarten–Grade 7 can attend the SB program AND participate in KCS classes and activities anywhere from 10-90% of their school week. Upon intake, each child’s educational level is assessed, and then a customized plan is created to help them achieve and maintain agreed-upon goals. Children in this program can learn in ways that fit their specific needs. This approach is based on the fact that some students learn better through hands-on activities, while others learn more effectively through watching a demonstration or reading quietly. Depending on their needs, children may work independently with supervision or in groups or partners throughout their day. We are dedicated to ensuring that each child receives the education best suited for them while enjoying what they are learning!

For more information call KCS 250.376.6900 or Social Butterflies 1.778.470.1005


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