Why Middle School?
Our Middle School program is designed to meet students’ needs and interests throughout Grades 6–8.  Students aged 11–14 years old have different needs and interests from younger students; they benefit from having opportunities for leadership and for exploring new practical and creative skills. We intentionally consult with Middle School students on a regular basis and design the Middle School program to be flexible. Teachers focus not only on academic excellence but also on students’  social, emotional, and spiritual growth.  

Check out our principal and 2 of our middle school students on Mid Day with Susan Edgell on Monday, January 22. This was to promote our Middle School!

Curriculum and Programs

Curriculum Cycle

Middle school students will work together in multi-grade groups throughout the year. To allow for multi-grade groups to explore topics in Science and Social Studies, the Middle School program will cycle through the following curriculum:

2017-18    Grade 7 Science & Social Studies curriculum

2018-19    Grade 8 Science & Social Studies curriculum

2019-20    Grade 6 Science & Social Studies curriculum

Leadership Team

Students will be invited to join the Leadership Team by volunteering at the beginning of each term. Students can volunteer for successive terms. Middle School teachers will determine the number of participants on the Leadership Team and will help the Leadership Team in planning Fun Day events, Spirit Week, and fundraising for our Impact Ministries sponsor child.  



Students will participate in serving others at the school through helping with recycling and composting. Middle School students will also serve the Kamloops community through volunteering once a month at organizations such as the Food Bank.  



Explore classes will take place once a week for 80 minutes. Multi-graded groups of students will rotate through 9 week sessions of the following activities: Woodworking, Computer science (coding/3D printing), Foods, and Textiles. Parents of Middle School students pay $40 per student  for the cost of materials needed for all of the Explore classes (building materials, plastic for 3D printing, food, and fabric).  



Students will have three multi-graded Arts blocks during the week.  Students will have the option of taking Music/Drama from September- January or Band from February- June. They will take Art for the other half of the year that they are not in a Music class.   


Chapel Leadership

Students will have Chapel Leadership once a week to plan and practice leading Intermediate/Middle School chapels. Students will be involved in one of the following leadership activities: music, sound/tech, drama, or public presentation (speaking, prayer, slideshows). Intermediate/Middle School chapels are Wednesdays at 9:25-10:05 am.  


Extra-Curricular Athletics

Students in Grades 4-7 can participate in extracurricular athletics such as cross-country running, triple-ball, basketball, and track & field. There are no additional fees for participating in extracurricular athletics at the Elementary and Middle School level. Information about each team sport will be sent home to parents prior to the season with consent forms for participation in after-school practices and games. Students will be provided with school jerseys for games and are responsible for returning washed jerseys back to the school office.  Students must agree to follow SD73’s code of conduct for athletes in order to participate in team sports.

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