“I can be a community-builder in God’s kingdom by having a positive impact within my local/global community as an entrepreneur.”

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The students' Market Day on Tuesday, March 14 was a huge success!  Thank you to the many parents, grandparents, and community members who supported the students in this endeavour.  An amazing $2628.00 in profits was earned by the students to be donated to the "Treasures of God Children's Home"! 


The students voted on February 23 to support "Treasures of God" Children's Home in Guatemala with the profits of Market Day.  

'Treasures of God" Children's Home was founded by a KCS graduate, Naomi Heye.  You can read more about this charity by clicking on this link: http://www.treasuresofgod.org

All of the intermediate (Grades 4-7) students at KCS are embarking on an exciting project called “Market Day”.  We will be working on this project for 10 weeks, culminating in a Market Day which will be held on Tuesday, March 14 from 1:30-4:00 pm.  

What is Project-based Learning?

Project-based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and practice skills by working for an extended period of time to explore and respond to an authentic real-world challenge or problem.  PBL is interdisciplinary; projects can include knowledge and skills related to subject areas such as Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.  PBL also focuses on collaborative learning as students work together in groups to identify and resolve an issue. 


Project-based Learning connects well to the new BC Curriculum Plan because it emphasizes the development of core competencies such as communication, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and social responsibility.  These core competencies are essential for positive collaboration.  PBL also connects to the new BC Curriculum Plan because students work through an extended interdisciplinary project that includes using skills and processes related to Applied Design Skills and Technology, a new strand of curriculum within BC schools.

Questions to ask your child about Market Day:

January 3-6  

Why is KCS doing Market Day?  What is our goal?

What are some characteristics of an entrepreneur?  

What are your skills and interests?  How can you connect those to the product or service you are developing for Market Day?  

January 9-13

What did you learn from our expert about her business?  What advice did she give you and how will you apply that to your business?  What is a mission statement, tagline, and logo?

January 16-20

Why is market research important?  What is your target market?  What kinds of questions will you ask your target market to find out whether your product/service will be successful?  What are some different ways to collect primary data?  

January 23-27

What are your projected costs to start your business?  How much will it cost to make one of your product?  What are you planning on pricing your product at?  What is your expected profit per item?

January 30-Feb. 3

What did you learn from our expert about being an accountant?  Why do you need to keep track of your receipts and expenses?  What is revenue and profit?  What is collateral and bankruptcy?

February 6-10

How can you show your survey data as a circle graph or a bar graph?  How is your data going to change your product/service or your pricing? 

February 13-17

How will you advertise your product/service?  Where will you advertise?  What are some elements of design you need to consider in order to attract attention to your poster or business card?  What information does your advertising need to include?

February 20-23

Which charity did you want to support through Market Day?  Why?  How are you acting as a community-builder by being an entrepreneur?  How much money do you hope to raise for "Treasures of God Children's Home"?

February 27-March 3

What is your production plan?  How and when will you make your product?  What kinds of items do you need donated?  

March 6-10

What is your "store" going to look like?  What did the expert presenter explain about customer service?  How can you make sure that you are "loving your neighbour as yourself" as a business owner?

Parent Information

Week 3 Update:  information on financing and loans

Week 1:

 introduction to KCS Market Day project

Week 6 Update:  Business Plan checklist

Sample Student Business Plan

What is Market Day?

Market Day is an entrepreneurial project connected to understanding poverty and how students can have an impact on local and global communities through developing a product or service to sell at the Market Day on March 14.  Students will be working in small groups of 2 or 3 to complete this project.  All proceeds from Market Day will be donated to a local or global charity.

Example videos to watch:







Read Mrs. Silvester's blog to find out what we are working on each week!


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