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                         Welcome to Kamloops Christian School (Est. 1985)

 We strive to help all students achieve their unique God given potential in all areas of life – academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical. Our students receive individualized attention and extra academic and emotional support when they need it.

Our school’s policy is that all students will feel

 KCS programs are both academic and spiritually rich.

Our students …

Learn about and apply biblical truths within every school subject.

Develop through our vibrant art, music, and athletics programs

Enjoy educationally enriching field trips

Openly celebrate faith-based holidays like Christmas and Easter

Encourage and sponsor students in Guatemala

Attend  chapel once a week

 New registrations ($100/child)

Call to book a personal tour!



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Kamloops Christian School is excited about our logo! It’s more than just an eye-catching graphic. This logo tells our story,

  1. The CrossChrist is central to all we do, and God’s Word is our ultimate source of truth in any learning.

  2. The Stylized Compass KCS strives to direct students towards the truth, as a compass directs travelers in the right direction.

  3. The Globe KCS helps students develop a commitment to service and a Christian worldview. The new KCS logo communicates, in picture form, what we’re about: Christ-centered, Bible-based education that nurtures students‚ academic potential, moral character, Christian worldview and commitment to serving God and others.